“Welcome to the Silver Arrow Bowmen, Reno’s home for active archers”

We would like to thank the following individuals and companies who sponsor our events:


  • Sportsman’s Warehouse
  • Scheels
  • Rick’s House of Arrows
  • Cabela's
  • Wasting Arrows Archery Range
  • Menezes Brothers
  • Western Nevada Supply
  • Elite Boxing and crossfit
  • Wade Metal Works
  • High Desert Archery
  • Boby Page's Dry Cleaners
  • Logoed Tees Incorporated
  • Clark/Sullivan Construction
  • Washoe Metal Fabricating
  • Line-X of RenoHigh Mountain Transprt LLC
  • Leon and Karen Privot

The Next Area Shoot is:
Please check the Nevada Bow Hunters Association website calander for a listing of all local shoots other than SAB Leagues

Click here to be directed to the Nevada Bow Hunters Association website.

Our next events are:

Our summer league and shoot events are over, the practice range and the 28 bale butts are still available for prctice, as are the Broadhead Pits, so keep practicing and good luck on your hunts...

If you have any questions, please call Kely Dean @ 775-771-5845 or Suzanne Harmon @ 775-741-8312

Our next event will be a meeting on October 14, then  the Turkey shoot on November 3rd...

October 14th, SAB Meeting 6:30pm at Scheels, in the Legends Mall... This is an extremely important meeting, participation in this meeting will determine if we will have the Turkey Shoot or not and the future of this club.

If you have any questions, please call Kely Dean @ 775-771-5845 or Mike Bertero @775-771-8859

November 2nd, Turkey Shoot final set up day and work party at the range.

November 3rd, SAB Turkey Shoot.  Hours and details will be confirmed at the October 14th meeting

November 11th, SAB Meeting 6:30pm at Scheels, in the Legends Mall...

Reno's Premier Indoor Range, SAB members Lystra & Deana Pitts Proprietors:
Wasting Arrows Indoor range, 5260 Longley Lane, Reno 
(New Range/location) 775-852-6214,  wastingarrows.com
Open Weekdays Noon to 7pm, Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm 
Lessons and Bow Tuning available every day, full service bow shop
Evening leagues in 2019:
Monday JOAD lessons/shooting 5:pm
Tuesday night DAIR Flint Round Paper League 7:pm
Wednesday  evening 7pm-
Thursday   7:pm
night 7:30pm-9pm Archery Tag
Saturday  JOAD Free Shooting 5pm, Archery Tag 6:pm
Sunday DAIR Flint Round League 5pm


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