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We would like to thank the following individuals and companies who sponsor our events


  • Sportsman’s Warehouse
  • Scheels
  • Rick’s House of Arrows
  • Lancaster Archery Supply www.LancasterArchery.com
  • Cabelas
  • Wasting Arrows Archery Range
  • Menezes Brothers

The Next Area Shoot is:

Our next event is:

Friday,April 20, Pre set up work day for the Bonanza 9:00am

This is the day we set all of the shooting and animal stakes on the course, pull out the animals and do any needed repairs/upgrades and get everything organized for the next day. We are meeting there at 9am and anticipate being done by around 2pm, depending on the number of people we get out there helping.

Saturday, April 21st Set up work day for the Bonanza shoot 9:00

We need lots of people this day, we put out all the animal targets and get everything set up and ready to run for the following day. You might even get to try out the running elk target!  If you come out and jump in and help, your registration is FREE the next day. So come on out and join the Party!  Again, I anticipte we will be done by abut 2pm, depending on the number of people who show up to help!

April 22, Bowhunter Bonanza Shoot,<-click here for details
Pre registration for the Bonanza  <-click here for pre-registration
Registration from 7am to 9am, 40 3-D targets, unmarked distances, but you can use a range finder! Novelty and Team shoots for money and fun. Come on out and try out the Runnning Elk target and more.

Lemmon Valley Drive is back Open, so no detour this year!
Pay attention driving around the lake, they have several "bumps" where the pumping stations are and you really do need to go no more than 15MPH when going over them! 

There is a flood detour again this year, when you come in off of Lemmon Valley Drive, you will turn right at the light on to Military Drive, take Military drive until it dead ends into Echo, turn right on Echo, turn right left on Limbo in 1/2 a block, which in half a block dead ends into Bravo. Turn right on Bravo and stay on it (it just becomes Albert Street as it takes you around the lake). The first cross street is Ramsey, Turn left on Ramsey, take it until it dead ends into Lemmon Valley Drive. Turn right on Lemmon Valley Drive and take it to the Barracades at Oregon Blvd., turn left on Oregon Blvd and stay on Oregon (don't let the County's misleading signs take you off of Oregon) as it takes you all the way up and around and dead ends into Matterhorn Drive.  Turn left on Matterhorn Drive and take it about 3/4s mile to the big sign that says "Regional Archery Facility", take the gravel/dirt road to the right up to the range!   I know this sounds complicated, but it is actually a lot easier than it sounds and there are a lot of signs to guide you on the way.

Wednesday May 2nd, Week #1 of the Outdoor Bowhunter League!
Staggered Start and Registration 5:30 to 6:30 pm, 20 3-D targets at various distances, same basic format as last year plus a little more, more information to follow...

Reno's Premier Indoor Range, SAB members Lystra & Deana Pitts Proprietors:
Wasting Arrows Indoor range, 4855 Joule Street #B7, Reno 
(New 30 yard Range, now expanded to 28 lanes!) 775-360-6556,  
Open Weekdays Noon to 7pm, Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm 
Lessons and Bow Tuning available every day, full service bow shop
Evening leagues in 2018:
Monday JOAD lessons/shooting 5:pm
Tuesday night Beginners & Advanced NFAA league  7:pm
Wednesday  evening 7pm- SAB Indoor 3-D league
Thursday night Beginners & Advanced NFAA league  7:pm
night 7pm-9pm Archery Tag
Saturday  JOAD Free Shooting 5pm, Archery Tag 6:pm


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