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Who we are

We are Reno's premier archery club for active archers...
Formed in the 1950's, we were officially incorporated as a Nevada non profit corporation in 1984, when we also established our range at the north end of Lemmon Valley.  This is now the Washoe County Archery Facility/Silver Arrow Bowmen Range. We partnered with the Washoe County Parks Department and obtained a land grant from the BLM to accomplish this and we are now the managers of this park, with oversight from the Washoe County Parks Department.

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Silver Arrow Bowmen

P.O. Box 10983

Reno, Nevada  89510

E-mail             silverarrowbowmennv@gmail.com

Web Site         www.silverarrowbowmen.net  

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James Pecka                                       jpecka@gmail.com

Vice President

Nick Lenz                                             trapperlenz@gmail.com


Donavan DeBusk                                 donavan@gmail.com


Dave Frickhoeffer                                davefrickhoeffer@gmail.com

Range Captain                                                         

Craig Haggen                                       craig_hagen@sbcglobal.net


Chad Fields


Zach hauptman


Ken Shoemaker


Lonnie Gordon


Teddy Elwell


Immediate Past President

Kelly Dean                                                    

What we do

We manage and maintain the Washoe County Archery Facility/ Silver Arrow Bowmen Range, which is our local outdoor archery range (see map below). We keep it open to the public 7 days a week, with a practice range and 28 marked yardage bale butt targets in an NFAA Field Hunter configuration on the range. We also have a designated broadhead Shooting and sight in area, separate from the regular shooting areas (broadheads are Not allowed to be shot on the remainder of the range)

We put on quality archery shoots during the year, including an indoor 3-D league in the winter and spring, then an evening 3-D bow hunter league at the outdoor range from May thru July (see Calendar for specific dates)

The Winter & Spring Indoor 3-D  Leagues
Winter league:   Wednesdays from December thru February (Pending 2021-2022)
Spring League:  Wednesdays from February thru the first week of April (Pending 2022)

20 unmarked distance 3-D targets each evening, ranging from 5 to 30 yards,  Range finders are O.K., Arrows fly at 7 pm, $15 for members, $20 for non-members........ Wasting Arrows Indoor Archery Range, 5260 Longley Lane, Reno

Winter Indoor 3-D  shoots (None this year 2022)
We try to have one indoor 3-D shoot per month on a weekend. These are great fun and feature a variety of 3-D targets including swimming sharks and flying dragons. Again, distances are anywhere between 5 and 30 yards. Watch the Calendar or you can go to www.watingarrows.com for up dates.

The Bow Hunter Bonanza
Our premier shoot each year, it is typically held in the 3rd  weekend in April every year ( April TBA 2022). The Bonanza is an unmarked 3-D shoot with 40 target stations,  We use a large variety of Rinehart and McKenzie targets, as well as a number of novelty targets. Awards are given out for winners in all adult divisions including young adult and youth. Cubs and pewees all get awards. A lunch is available at the concession stand. This year's bonanza is a two day marked yardage shoot.

The Bow Hunter League
Wednesdays from the 1st week in May, thru July (May  to July , 2022)
20 unmarked distance 3-D targets each evening, range finders are O.K., staggered start from 5:15-6:30, 

John Carlsen Memorial evening shoots
On the two Wednesdays following the league (July  2022) we shoot the same format, but it is just for fun and pre-season practice...20 unmarked distance 3-D targets, range finders are O.K., staggered start from 5:15-6:30, $7 for members, $10 for non-members........ $10 dollar one time park fee if you have not already paid it for the year, Food and beverages are available at the  shoot

The Scheels Shoot (May 25, 2014 tentative date) Adults $20, Youth $15, Cubs and Pewees Free!
This shoot is sponsored by the local Scheels Store and put on by Silver Arrow Bowmen at the range in Lemon Valley
40 arrow unmarked yardage 3-D initial shoot, then all shooters (all classes)are handicapped and go to a five target shoot off..
Adult awards(18 & over):
$500 dollar Scheels archery gift card for first prize, 2nd $250, 3rd $100
Youth Awards (12-17)
$250 dollar Scheels archery gift card for first prize, 2nd $100, 3rd $50
Cubs and Pewees
Medals for all Cub and Pewee participants

With the handicapping of all the different classes of shooters, everyone has a fair chance of winning, so come out and shoot your best!
Sorry, this shoot is indefinitely canceled due to lack of sponsorship from Scheels

The Bow Hunter Finale' and Challenge
If there is enough time in the schedule, this is held as a wrap up of the bowhunter league in July... We are looking at mid July not confirmed for 2022

The Turkey shoot
28 3-D Targets, unmarked, but range finders are O.K., 2 arrows per target, Specialty and Bow Hunter Challenge targets,  Regular (frozen) turkeys will be given out, bow raffle, if you don't win anything, you are just unlucky!, 7th of November 2021...

We sponsor Bowhunter Education classes, which usually are in early April of each year. These are International Bow Hunter Education Foundation certified classes and the certificates are recognized by all fifty states (including Alaska, which requires a shooting course), Canada and Mexico. The classes are conducted in conjunction with the Nevada Department of Wildlife who certify the classes and keep the records.

We put out a monthly newsletter (see club news)

We are the local liaison with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, the Nevada Bow Hunters Association and the National Field Archery Association

Where we are

Our range address is 1255 Matterhon Drive. From Reno, drive North on US 395 and take the Lemmon Valley Exit, go (right) North on Lemmon Valley Drive to Waterash, right on Waterash, then right on Tupelo, then Left on Matterhorn Drive. Take Matterhorn up the hill past the subdivisions, the next marked road to the right will be Silver Arrow Range Road, it has a large Washoe County Parks “Regional Archery Facility” sign also(see photo on Home page). This is a dirt road which takes you half a mile up to the parking lot.

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We also use Wasting Arrows indoor range, 5260 Longley Lane , SAB members Deana and Lystra Pitts Proprieters   Go to
www.wastingarrows.com or 775-852-6214 for further information...

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