BY-LAWS Of SILVER ARROW BOWMEN, INC Article I –MEMBERSHIP A. DUES 1. Yearly membership dues for individuals shall be $30. 2. Yearly membership dues for a single family of any size shall be $45.00. a. A family shall be defined as: 1) Husband and Wife 2) Husband, Wife and all other legal dependents under 18 years of age. 3) A Single parent or head of household and all other legal dependents under 18 years of age. b. The application for a family membership must show all the full names of the family members who desire membership. c. Family members who join under an already existing membership shall be afforded family rates. Dues for family membership in these cases shall be pro- rated as necessary so that dues for the entire family become due on the same date. d. Junior family members who become 18 years of age during a family membership year in which the family membership is in good standing shall be considered as a member in good standing until the next immediate expiration date of that family membership. 1) At the end of the current family membership, the junior (s) who Became 18 years of age must then pay the individual membership rates to maintain his membership. The initiation fee will be deemed to have already been paid by the family membership. 2) Juniors who became 18 years of age shall still be considered as a family member for the purpose of obtaining family rates at SILVER ARROW BOWMEN functions. However , juniors shall shoot in their proper divisions as outlined by the NFAA. The family membership status for a junior who has turned 18 years of age shall expire at the next immediate expiration date o the family membership. 3) Yearly dues for a sponsored junior shall be $12.00 and the $10.00 initiation fee shall be waived. 4) A one time initiation fee of $10.00 shall be paid by each new individual or family membership. 5) An anniversary month shall be established for each new membership. After a period of 1 year from the date of the new membership, the membership shall become due on May 1st of the subsequent year. If the May 1st date is over 1 year from the time of the new membership, that member will be carried in good status until the May 1st due date. a. If membership is established during the first half of a month (1st through 15th day), the anniversary month shall be that same month. b. If membership is established during the last half of a month (16th through last day), the anniversary month shall be the next following month. 6) Any member who is delinquent in the payment of his membership dues shall not be eligible to hold any SAB OFFICE or receive the usual club benefits. a. Dues become delinquent 31 days from the due date. (i.e. each member has a 30 day grace period) b. Members whose dues have become delinquent shall be charged a reinstatement fee of $7.50 in addition to all other payable dues. c. Hardship cases will be considered on an individual basis by the BOD who may waive or alter any provision of section A.6 of Article I of the By-Laws. B. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORMS 1. A standard application form shall be used for all applicants 2. Each application for membership must be accompanied by payment of application fees and dues before such application is accepted for processing. 3. Each sponsored junior applicant must submit with his application for membership, a written note signed by one or both of his parents or legal guardian (s) , giving him permission to join SAB. The note should stipulate who is to be the sponsoring adult club member Pursuant to Article III, paragraph A. 2 . a. of the constitution, the adult sponsor must also submit a written and signed note which states that he accepts full responsibility for the junior in question. C. SUSPENSION 1. Pursuant to Article III, paragraph B. of the Constitution, the BOD may suspend and SAB member for cause. 2. The BOD must act on any written and signed complaint filed against an SAB member. Any person may submit such a complaint. ARTICLE II – FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT A. RECORDS AND RELATED MAERIALS 1. The Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain a record of income and expense in a heavy binder with insert able pages. All activities are to be posted in this binder on a timely basis. 2. All checks shall be of the large business-type to be kept in a three ring binder. 3. All deposit slips shall be the duplicate type. All duplicate deposit slips shall be maintained as a permanent record. 4. The Secretary/Treasurer shall prepare a written reconciliation of all applicable cash accounts to probe all cash figures presented in the monthly financial report. 5. Copies of the monthly financial report shall be presented to each BOD member. B. FISCAL PROCEDURES 1. Checking Account: a. The four major officers shall be signators on all SAB savings. b. Two (2) signatures shall be required to authenticate checks. c. At least one of the two required signatures shall be that of the President or the Secretary/Treasurer. d. The checking account balance shall not exceed $5,000.00. 2. Savings Account : a. At least five BOD members shall be signators on all SAB savings accounts. b. Withdrawals shall be authenticated with any three signatures. 3. The Secretary/Treasurer may maintain two change boxes for use in concession sales, the bank for each to b set by the BOD. 4. The Secretary/Treasurer shall coordinate and direct the taking of an inventory of all SAB assets and other tangible property to be completed in time for the annual “Statement of Financial Condition”. The necessary inventories shall reflect actual conditions no earlier than the first working day of December. 5. It shall be the BOD’s general responsibility and the Secretary/Treasurer’s Specific responsibility to insure that sufficient cash funds are always on hand to pay all known recurring expenses for the current fiscal year. (i.e. Cash balances shall not drop below a level determined by the BOD which would render the SAB unable to pay all debts for the current fiscal year) 6. The BOD must approve all expenditures of SAB funds except for normal and necessary expenditures for the day-to-day club activities of the President, Range Captain and Secretary/Treasurer who each shall have an individually monthly limit of $300.00 for such expenditures. C. AUDITS 1. The BOD may, at random intervals, and at least once a fiscal year, review or cause to be reviewed the financial records maintained by the Secretary/Treasurer to insure that transactions are being properly maintained. The BOD may arrange for an outside professional to conduct a yearly audit. 2. The Secretary/Treasurer shall make available at all BOD and all general membership meetings the income and expense ledger and the checkbook with all stubs for the previous 12-month period. ARTICLE III – COMMITTEES AND APPOINTED OFFICERS A. FORMATION 1. Except as provided elsewhere in the Constitution and By-Laws, the President shall appoint all standing and special committee chairmen. 2. Except as provided elsewhere in the Constitution and By-Laws, each committee chairman shall have the right to appoint members of his own committee. 3. The Range Captain shall appoint the Assistant Range Captain. B. DUTIES 1. Food and Beverage Committee : a. Directs and coordinates the transportation, care, provision and preparation of food and beverages for all club activities as scheduled. b. Responsible for supplying from the club’s resources, beer and soda at all scheduled club shoots and the winter indoor league. 2. Publicity and Public Relations Committee: a. Insures that newspapers and other publications, as specified by the BOD, are informed of coming SAB events and the results of immediate past SAB events. b. As approved by the BOD, prepares and supervises the distribution of fliers or other advertisement for scheduled club activities. c. Performs other related duties as the President may direct. 3. Awards Committee : a. Determines what trophies, awards or prizes are to be provided for designated club activities in coordination with the BOD. b. Acquires needed trophies, prizes, awards and insures they all are brought to the applicable club activity. c. Keeps and maintains all club trophies, prizes and awards for display and for inventory. d. Prepares applications for NFAA awards, patches and certificates and submits them to the proper authority for processing. e. Performs other related duties as the President may direct. 4. Bow Hunter Committee- see ARTICLE V. 5. Assistant Range Captain : a. Maintains a usable set of targets for the range, practice butts and sighting- in range. b. Assists the Range Captain. ARTICLE IV - NOMINATION PROCESS A. NOMINATING COMMITTEE 1. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee Chairman no later than the first general membership meeting in September of each year,. a. The chairman serves until the President dissolves the committee. b. The chairman appoints members to serve on the committee. 2. Duties: a. Contacts the general membership to find those members willing to run for elected office. b. Prepares a “SLATE” of nominees and indicates the office for which each wants to run. c. Checks the eligibility for each nominee. d. Presents a finalized slate of nominees to the BOD NO LATER THAN the regular October BOD meeting. B. OPEN NOMINATIONS 1. At the regular November general membership meeting under the appropriate section of the agenda, the President opens nominations from the floor for all elected officers. 2. The President shall first recognize the nominating Committee Chairman or his alternate who shall then read the slate of nominees. 3. The President then indicates that the floor is still open for further nominations. a. Anyone placed in nomination who is not present at the general membership meeting or who otherwise has not been contacted regarding this nomination prior to the general membership meeting shall be so informed of such nomination and given an opportunity to decline the nomination. b. All nominees’ eligibility shall be checked prior to placing any names on the ballot. ARTICLE V – BIG GAME RECOGNITION PROGRAM A. THE BOWHUNTER COMMITTEE 1. The Bowhunter Committee shall consist of five (5) SAB members, one of whom shall be the Bowhunter Chairman. The Bowhunter Chairman or his designate shall preside over meetings of the committee. 2. The Bowhunter Committee will administer the Big Game Recognition Program and will set the date for and conduct the annual Bowhunter Awards Banquet and an annual Bowhunter shoot, which does not include the Silver Arrow Bowhunter Bonanza which is under the direct supervision of ‘ the SAB Board of Directors 3. The committee will be responsible for conducting all SAB bowhunting activities, bowhunter –type shoots and bowhunter educational instruction. 4. The Bowhunter Committee will hold monthly meetings at a time and place to be designated by the Bowhunter Chairman. 5. In conducting committee business, each committee member shall have one vote, except the Bowhunter chairman who shall cast his vote only in case of a tie vote. 6. A quorum shall consist of 3 committee members. 7. The Bowhunter committee members shall be nominated and elected at a general bowhunter meeting in December. a. All nominees for the Bowhunter Chairman shall have served on the previous years committee. b. All SAB members may attend the general bowhunter meeting to nominate and elect new committee members. c. Bowhunter Committee members shall serve a one-year term from January 1, to December 31. d. The time and place for all general bowhunter meetings shall be ` announced in the SAB newsletter prior to such meetings e. Committee members unable to fulfill duties for any reason shall be replaced by the Bowhunter Chairman. The new committee member shall serve the balance of the term vacated. B. BIG GAME RECONGNITION PROGRAM 1. Scope: To provide the members of Silver Arrow Bowmen with individual recognition of game taken each year and to offer organized hunting and hunting –related activities. This program is intended to promote an increased in club membership, comradery, and mutual hunting interests on an archery club level. These objectives inherently support good sportsmanship, hunting ethics , education for legislative influence, wildlife protection and the prevention of the erosion of the bowhunter’s image. 2. CLUB POSITION : It shall be the policy of SAB to abide by all applicable state and federal hunting regulations. The club also endorses : a. Respect for other’s land by asking permission to hunt. b. Closing gates, leaving clean camp sites, and preserving natural game habitat and private property. c. A bow adequate for the game being hunted. d. Razor-sharp broad heads. e. Limiting shots at game to the hunter’s accuracy range to insure hits in a vital area. f. Adequate care of game taken to prevent meat spoilage. 3. All SAB members in good standing are eligible to participate in the Big Game Recognition Program. Member must be in good standing at the time of the harvest of game and at the time of the presentation of awards. 4. All game must be taken with bow an arrow in accordance with Pope and Young Rules of Fair Chase. 5. All game animals which are to be recognized under this program must be submitted to the Bowhunter Committee. Scoring is optional but if desired must be done by the Bowhunter committee or a recognized Pope and Young scorer. If there any discrepancies in scoring, the final score will be determined by the bowhunter chairman and the Bowhunter Committee. 6. The period during which eligible game may be taken for consideration of awards shall run from January 1st through December 31st of each year and shall be known as the “awards period”. All entries must be submitted to the Bowhunter Chairman not later than March 31st immediately following the applicable awards period. 7. The Silver Arrow Big Game Record Book : a. The Bowhunter committee will establish and maintain a Big Game Record Book listing all species of North American big game and including Spanish Goat, Marino sheep, Russian Boar-Wild Hog (mainland), Russian Boar-Wild Hog (island), Peccary (Javelina), Coyote,, and Bobcat. Any of these animals taken by SAB members may be entered into the Big Game Record Book. b. The Big Game Record Book shall be available at all general meetings and Bowhunter Committee meetings. c. A plaque inscribed with the member’s name, species taken, and year the animal was taken will be awarded for each new record entered in the Big Game Record Book. All entries including the female of the species will earn a certificate noting the member’s name and the year the species was taken 8. The Big Buck Award: a. Each year the SAB member who takes the highest-scoring head for an in-state Mule Deer will have his/her name engraved on SAB Big Buck Trophy. b. The member will also receive a plaque inscribed with his/her name, score and year. 9. The Bowhunter of the Year Award : a. Each year a plaque and a club jacket shall be awarded to the eligible SAB Bowhunter who successfully accumulates the highest number of points as outlined in the Bowhunter of the Year Competition. 1) The plaque shall be’ inscribed with the words “Silver Arrow Bowmen’ Bowhunter of the year” , the year of the competition and the name of the recipient. 2) The club jacket shall be printed with the words, “Silver Arrow Bowmen, Bowhunter of the year, Reno, Nevada “ across the back of the jacket. The recipient’s first name and the year of the competition shall be printed on the left breast of the jacket. b. The competition will be divided into two sections : all requirements of the participation section must be fulfilled, and at least one animal must be scored under the provisions of the hunting section. A sign-in log will be available at the designated club activities and it will be the responsibility of each club member to sign their name in the log. 1) Participation : a.) Attendance of at least 3 club general membership meetings. b) Attendance of at least 2 club work parties. c) Attendance and completion of at least 2 club sheets 2) Hunting : a) The maximum total points which can be earned under this section is two hundred (200). b) The taking of in-state game shall be awarded one hundred (100) points per animal. c) The taking of out-of –state game shall be awarded fifty (50) points per animal up to the maximum of 3 animals or a total of one hundred fifty (150) points. d) A tie in total points will be broken in favor of the member who has taken the head that ranks the highest in the Silver Arrow Big Game Record Book, or if needed , the NBHA Big Game Record Book, e) All decisions made by the Bowhunter Committee shall be final. c. DISCIPLINARY ACTION 1. All Pope and Young Rules of Fair Chase will be strictly enforced by the Bowhunter Committee. 2. Any SAB member who willfully breaks any Pope and Young Rule of Fair Chaise, takes game out of season, takes protected animals or otherwise violated game laws, falsifies a claim for an animal taken or deliberately witnesses a falsified claim shall be expelled from all Bowhunter progams. a. The accused bowhunter will be entitled to a hearing before the Bowhunter Committee and may bring a reasonable number of witnesses or other counsel to speak in his behalf. b. If the bowhunter is found guilty, all his records will be removed from any SAB record books and any references to game he has taken will be deleted. c. Any SAB member convicted of a game law violation by a judicial entity will be subjected to disciplinary action by the Bowhunter Committee. 3. The Bowhunter Chairman or his designate shall report to the B.O.D any pending disciplinary actions and the final results there of. D. ALTERATIONS AND /OR AMENDMENTS 1. These programs may be altered and/or amended only by the general membership of SAB voting by mail ballot and approving any such change (s) by a 2/3 majority tally of the returned ballots. ARTICLE VI – PROCEDURES FOR SAB SHOOTS A. TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS 1. A tournament chairman shall be designated by the BOD for each SAB shoot. The Tournament Chairman shall : a. Be responsible for following NFAA requirements if applicable. b. Request that a target captain and two score keepers be chosen for each shooter group. c. Be the final authority in setting disputes which arise over rules of conduct of the tournament official or a BOD member. 1) Each written protest must be accompanied by a $25.00 fee which will be refunded only if the protest is upheld. 2( If the results of the protest could effect the award standings of the tournament , the presentation of the tournament results and the presentation of award involved in the area of dispute shall be postponed until a quorum of the BOD can render a final decision on the protest. 3( If a quorum of the BOD cannot be established at the tournament site, any action must be delayed until the BOD can act on the protest. In such cases the result of the final decision will be published in the newsletter and shall also be sent by letter to the person who originally signed the protest. 2. The names of the tournament chairman and other tournament officials shall be announced and/or posted before the beginning of each SAB shoot. 3. The Secretary/Treasurer or his designated assistant shall be the registrar at each SAB shoot and shall also be designated as a tournament official. 4. The BOD or tournament chairman may designate additional tournament officials before the start of any tournament. All tournament officials are answerable to the tournament chairman. B. SHOOTING RULES 1. Shooting rules shall follow established NFAA rules where applicable. Any differences must be explained before the start of the shoot. C. SCORING 1. NFAA rules shall prevail where applicable. Any difference must be explained prior to the start of the shoot. D. UNAACCOMPANIED YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT SHOOTERS 1. Unaccompanied youth and young-adult shooters will be allowed to shoot unsupervised during club shoots. Cubs must shoot under the supervision of an adult who will also keep score. E. SPECIAL SHOOTS 1. Unless otherwise ineligible, all SAB members shall be allowed to compete in any SAB shoot upon payment of required fees except those special shoots designated by the BOD as being closed to all SAB members. ArcherySABbylaws

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